Act on Your Intelligence with AI & Chatbot with IBM Watson

Customers these days are more demanding than ever. They are always connected on the go. They like instant messaging and immediate answers. The digital communication tools have nurtured them with a benchmark on how they wish to interact.

IBM is committed in bringing the latest technologies and real world experiences together in building cognitive conversational applications through IBM Watson.

Conventional ways and means of improving customer service and improving customer engagement won’t change it. It's a reality that businesses today are all geared for a Bot flare-up! We have the expertise and technology to meet ever demanding user experiences and enhance business performance of next gen enterprises.

Keeping up with Trends

It’s time we figure out what these Chatbots are and how they can help and make our life easier. Chatbots can be programmed to carry out automated actions. Chatbots can both start an action and respond to requests from other users. Here are some instances of different kinds of Bots that can automate conversations, transactions and workflows.

E-commerce bots Buying of goods and services
Alert bots Alerts you on specific events
Content bots Shares relevant content
Banking Provides financial updates
IoT bots Connects the smart devices

Maximizing the AI & Watson Opportunity

IBM uses Bluemix to access the Watson Conversation API with cognitive Analytics. This gives the bot the ability to drive a conversation with prospective customers and also direct them to a sales assistant if they need more personalized assistance. This is a priceless revolution for an organization as every potential customer is getting prompt responses guiding them to conversion, while saving valuable resources and time. By means of combining several techniques and creating dialog options, IBM Watson offers a unified service that is capable of mimicking the conversation similar to a human.

IBM's Watson Conversation Service and the Natural Language Programming makes the challenging task of understanding and responding to customers as easy as possible. IBM Watson Conversation has a dialog builder to assist you in creating natural conversations without any coding experience!

Royal Cyber & Chatbot

Royal Cyber ChatBot (RCBot) enables intelligent conversations between Systems and Consumers. Our Bots are Available 24X7, for an immediate & accurate response. Expand Your Business Horizons with Royal Cyber’s ChatBot!

  • Powered by AI – Watson, Lex, LUIS, Open Source ML, DL, NLP, Analytics, Big data
  • Messaging Platforms – Facebook, Slack, Google, Twitter, Skype
  • Analytics & Reporting – Track chat engagement & provide personalized support
  • Website/Mobile App – Integrate with existing omni channels
  • Seamless Integration with – WCS, Hybris, or any other Enterprise Software/ Applications

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Are you interested to learn how chatbot can help your business? Click here to re-watch our webinar. For more information visit

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