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ITCAM Services – IBM® Tivoli Composite Application Manager Consultancy

The IBM® Tivoli Composite Application Manager suite is an integrated, end to end monitoring, management and diagnostic solution that provide infrastructure and resource management, transaction tracking, end user response time measurement, SOA performance and governance, and deep-dive application diagnostics.

The ITCAM family can help you control hardware, software and labor costs by tracking and improving server utilization. It can increase profitability and customer end-user satisfaction by improving mean-time-to-recovery and implementing incident avoidance. It is now possible to seamlessly integrate the tools that alert, identify and isolate an incident with the subject matter expert tools that diagnose and resolve the problem. This can help increase profits while reducing risks. It can help get more done with less; critical in today’s world. Easy to deploy, easy to use with flexible licensing options; ITCAM can give you a quick return on investment right out of the box. It also offers you the flexibility to configure the solution to meet the unique needs of your organization

This solution is based on IBM Tivoli Monitoring (ITM). ITM provides common services and user interfaces such as customisable user interfaces, situation alerts against dynamic thresholds, automated problem management workflows, historical trending and predictive analytics.

Best-of-breed Server Management

ITCAM provides end-to-end server management across the enterprise. Whether your infrastructure includes Microsoft® platforms, IBM System x™, IBM System p™, IBM System z™—or all of the above, ITCAM offers an integrated solution for optimizing your critical server resources, to help contain costs while maintaining performance.

Robust Application Management

Application management solutions from ITCAM can help you manage the full range of applications that make up the most complex IT environments, including service-oriented architecture (SOA) platforms, enterprise applications, Web services, databases, Microsoft applications, and operating systems. Designed to support your data center transformation efforts—whether for consolidation, virtualization or hosting, ITCAM can help you realize new levels of efficiency and cost savings.

Trusted Transaction Management

ITCAM provides comprehensive transaction monitoring and management, from auto-discovery of transactions at the services and application layer to transaction tracking and analysis for faster problem resolution. These capabilities extend beyond your infrastructure to support your external partners, suppliers and customers, providing the detailed performance and availability information you need to deliver the service levels your customers require.

A growth path to proactive management to avoid incidents

ITCAM’s advanced management capabilities allow your organization to build on your core competencies, expanding your management toolset to include strategic capacity monitoring, predictive analysis, and service level evaluation. ITCAM provides a logical path to these proactive capabilities, and to new levels of visibility, control and automation for your organization.

Powerful tools that fit your needs

Easy to deploy and easy to use, ITCAM can give you quick return on investment right out of the box. It also offers you the flexibility to configure the solution to meet the unique needs of your organization. By consolidating your IT management functions in one solution, ITCAM can help reduce complexity across your infrastructure, increasing the efficiency of your staff and helping you reduce IT costs. ITCAM also supports Tivoli Common Reporting, a shared infrastructure for creating, viewing and managing Tivoli reports, to help make communication more productive and better document critical management decisions.