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Enterprise Monitoring

Enterprise Monitoring

Technologies such as virtualization, thin client, service-oriented architecture (SOA) and legacy modernization promise tremendous benefits but at the same time pose key enterprise monitoring and management challenges. The end-user perspective becomes the only reliable source for true service-quality measurement.

Royal Cyber offers Enterprise Monitoring Solutions to track the quality of the business services end-to-end and relate this to critical network, system, and application performance.

Royal Cyber Services
Needs Assessment

Royal Cyber will assist you in evaluating the use and value of Tivoli Monitoring solution and recommend the best software for your organization. The analysis will identify opportunities for increased business operation productivity, as well as identify risks involving upgrades or integration.

Implementation & Deployment

Royal Cyber’s Implementation methodology is a best practice for Tivoli solution success. Using the IBM tool set for implementation, migration, and upgrades ensures a clear understanding of the implementation schedule and process between your IT department and Royal Cyber implementation team.


Royal Cyber consultants provide you with customer specific solutions development and customizations to meet the unique needs of your organization, including deployment, migration and integration of Tivoli software.


Royal Cyber provides training opportunities designed to increase user knowledge and productivity on IBM Tivoli solutions and applications. From classroom to practical application, Royal Cyber provides high-quality training to enable learners to improve technical product skills, and fully understand and apply the potential of all the features and functionality of Tivoli Software.


Royal Cyber is dedicated to backing your Tivoli maintenance with unparalleled support and service. Our Support Services Team provides telephone, fax, and web-based technical support, and is dedicated to working with you to provide advice and assistance.


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