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HTML5/Native Apps

HTML5 Apps that work across all platforms

Fortune 500 companies are capitalizing the smart phone phenomena to reach their target audience and build great customer relationships. Royal Cyber has the expertise in developing mobile apps that work across different mobile platforms and devices. Our Mobile developers give their best to deliver even better than what is required by our clients.

Supports both native and web apps
Royal Cyber Mobile supports native iPhone, iPad and Android apps that you can download from the app store, as well as HTML5 web apps which you can access from a mobile browser.

Supported Platforms
Apple Operating system, Google Android Operating system, Nokia Symbian operating system, Microsoft Windows Mobile and Microsoft Windows Phone.

Designing your app
Royal Cyber would help you design your app regardless of the operating system that is supported by your mobile device. We strive to help you to create ‘that’ app which you desire giving you a peace of mind and that makes you fully content.

Geo Location
The apps that we create for you would have the option of device tracing that would give you the option to track down the location of certain devices that your mobile is in access with and allows to locate your tracked device no matter how far or fast it has been gone.

Advanced Features
In order to enhance the features and be more useful, the apps would have access to your phone’s camera, accelerometer, contacts, files, network, storage and much more to provide that standard in mobile apps that you desire.

Get access to the source code
You can request to gain the source code used for your app Get full access to the source code for each native app and customize Royal Cyber, from changing the design, to developing new features in order to enhance your app and make it more useful to your needs.