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Enterprise Modernization

Enterprise Modernization

Enterprise Modernization is a set of tools that help enterprises to transform their legacy applications and green screens to a modern web 2.0 platform.

Royal Cyber offers a distinctive approach for transforming your mission-critical AS/400 legacy applications to the latest technologies by modernizing them with advanced features and capabilities that allow your organization to protect their investments in host applications, dramatically reduce TCO, increase business productivity, simplify integration and enhance performance while consolidating business roots.

Featured Services

Host Access Transformation Services (HATS)

HATS help you transform 3270 and 5250 green screen applications into modern web-based portlet, rich client or mobile interface using IBM HATS without changing existing source codes.

Host Integrated Solutions (HIS)

Rational Host Integrated Solutions allows you to start and grow your business fast by leveraging your host data with new solutions to help maximize your total return on investment.

Host on Demand (HOD)

Rational Host On-Demand provides cost-effective, secure, browser-based, and non-browser-based host access in intranet and Internet environments.

EGL Services

Modernize your legacy systems into Rich UI applications with our EGL services that empower you with niche features that maintain business logic in the customer specific code.

Multiplatform Development

Accelerate Main frame development with Eclipse-based multiplatform development environment that empower developers with a modern graphic user interface.

Rational Developer for Power Systems

Power Systems help software development teams build software by simplifying code development, creation and maintenance of port applications through rich integrated development environment.